When you visit someone’s home, the first thing you’ll notice is how their yard and home looks! If there are brown sports in their yard, you start to wonder if they’re even taking care of it they way they should. This only begins to make you worry about your own yard. You start asking questions like, “Do people notice my yard’s brown patches?” or “Do I have brown patches I’m not noticing?”.

The last thing that you want people to notice when they visit your house, is if something looks bad, which is why we’re going to be giving you more reasons why your lawn may be developing brown patches. Catch up on our previous blogs, and continue reading!

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Depending on how wet the season has been so far, water could be running off slopes in your grass, taking all the of the grass seeds and young shoots with it. This can leave behind bare ground and dried out areas creating brown patches. To eliminate this from happening, aerate your lawn twice every year. If the aerating doesn’t solve much, consider planting ground cover or even building a terrace!


Roots from large shrubs or trees always tend to win the battle for nutrients and water, which is why the area under these plants tends to be bare and more difficult for growing grass. If this is an issue on your lawn, consider naturalizing the area under the tree and/or shrub, or mulching it.

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