Every homeowner wants their lawn to be the most beautiful on the block. A healthy green lawn is attractive, and everyone is always striving to have the best lawn in the neighborhood. If you are someone who’s always had a green lawn until recently, you may be interested in learning the causes of the ugly brown spots your yard has started to be consumed with. We already mentioned that a cause for brown spots on your lawn could be from scalping or a dull mower blade. Here are the final two ways that you could be damaging your lawn.


Too much fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide can cause your grass to die fast, not to mention any gasoline that is leaking from the lawn mower. For example, if fertilizer is applied to your lawn incorrectly or unevenly, it can burn the grass beyond repair. So, be careful when applying fertilizer or spraying insect repellents around your grass. An easy solution is to pour chemicals or mower fuel on concrete and always follow fertilizer application directions.

Animal Urine

Although we can’t control where our pets are going to the bathroom, and dogs are the most common culprit of causing your green grass to fade to brown, large birds and bunnies can also be part of the problem. Urine has a lot of ammonia in it, which can turn your beautiful grass brown or light yellow. If you’re interested in solving this problem, stay tuned for our next blog where we will give you some ways you can keep your dog from damaging your lawn in Dickinson.