There are many different types of grasses out there, but to many, it doesn’t matter what kind it is as long as it’s green. Our Dickinson lawn service company, Bayou City Lawn Service, has what it takes to give you some underlying factors of what’s causing your luscious green lawn to turn brown in areas. There are a variety of issues you should be keeping in mind that are being caused by your actions, or animals.

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A dull mower could be to blame for brown patches in your lawn. The problem with a dull mower blade is that it won’t give your grass a clean cut, it’ll just tear it out of the ground. This not only damages the grass, but it causes the grass to die. To fix this, call our lawn mowing team for assistance when you need a mow, or remember to sharpen your blades before the start of the spring season.


If your lawn if bumpy, or the mower blade is set too low to the ground, you could be left with brown patches of grass. To put it simply, if you’re cutting the grass too short from bumps that raise up too close to the mower blade, or you’re cutting the grass too short, your lawn may start to die. An easy remedy for this problem is raising your mower blade and smoothing out the high spots in your lawn by digging up the sod. Though digging may be more work, it’s better than having dead grass.

We’re not finished giving you some clues on why your lawn may be turning brown. Stay tuned for our final two!